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Dragon - Zwei - Dragon


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  1. Maulmaran says:
    If this card attacks an opponent's monster, it gains ATK during the Damage Step only. Once per turn: You can reveal 1 Spell in your hand, this card's name becomes "Cyber Dragon" until the End Phase. This card's name becomes "Cyber Dragon" while in the GY.
  2. Vushakar says:
    There is also the berserk attack which is a rain of lasers from Lagi for a limited amount of time eliminating all enemies on screen. Zwei was considerably more in depth than Panzer Dragoon, with alternate routes to be taken and a dragon that evolves based on your performance in the game. Plot Edit. The player takes control of Jean-Luc Lundi.
  3. Akitaxe says:
    Panzer Dragoon II Zwei is a prequel as it takes place before Panzer Dragoon. Similar to the first game, you ride on the back of a dragon who has two types of attacks. Players can also still turn the dragon as they fire upon enemies. A new feature is a beserker button that can be used when a meter bar is full/5(13).
  4. Akinorr says:
    Si cette carte attaque un monstre de votre adversaire, elle gagne ATK durant la Damage Step uniquement. Une fois par tour: vous pouvez révéler 1 Carte Magie dans votre main ; jusqu'à la End Phase, le nom de cette carte devient "Cyber Dragon".
  5. Mocage says:
    「Dragon」(ドラゴン)はZweiの4枚目のシングル。 内容. 作曲に大島こうすけを迎えた表題曲は、は中京テレビ制作・日本テレビ系『サルヂエ』エンディングテーマ、カップリングの「太陽が見てる場所」は同系『女優魂』8月度エンディングテーマにそれぞれ起用された。ジャンル: J-POP.
  6. Kazragami says:
    A prequel released for the Sega Saturn in , Zwei gives more insight as to the origin of the blue dragon from the first game. A mutant Coolia is spared by a boy named Lundi from the ritual killing of all mutants, as he couldn't bring himself to do the deed, especially when he noticed the Coolia in question had the especially rare mutation of wings.
  7. Tagal says:
    Panzer Dragoon II Zwei () Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (also known as Panzer Dragoon II) was released for the Sega Saturn in This game is a prequel to Panzer Dragoon. It follows the story of Jean-Luc Lundi who discovered a mutant coolia, whom he names Lagi, who has a Developer(s): Sega, Team Andromeda, Smilebit.
  8. Fern says:
    "Dragon Zwei" is a special flag that is not related to any world but has a strong affiliation to Azi Dahaka. Some cards are made specifically for this flag with most of them containing "Retainer of the Demonic Dragon" in their card names. Size 3 Terminus Dragon Emperor, Endervelt.
  9. JoJorisar says:
    Harness the power of the dragons with the ultimate world "Dragon Zwei"! The Neo Dragon Zwei deck has topped countless Championships all around the world, and is the number 1 choice for competitive Buddyfighters! This deck rushes by abusing powerful size 3 Neo Dragons which are able to attack multiple times with high c.

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